Have you been to Exploratorium After Dark?  We’ve been working at the Exploratorium for a while now but tonight we had a chance to just play at After Dark and it was a blast.  On Pier 15, the new location seems to be much larger and there are a bunch of new exhibits as well as your old faves to check out.

As photographers, the Exploratorium is amazing, with a bunch of great spots to play, and so many of them ideal for iPhone pix (or any phone!).  Towards the end of the night we stayed in the Shadow Box and played until they turned the lights on.  Some tips are to stay closer to the wall for sharper shadows and to try and incorporate movement to freeze.  Above you’ll see a collage of phone shots of some tricks we tried in the Shadow Box 🙂

The only issue we had with After Dark was that the Exploratorium is so huge and there is so much to see that it’s hard to even hit all the areas during one visit.  If you get involved with a few exhibits, as we did, your time will pass quickly and you’ll realize that the night is over before you want it to.   Luckily if that’s the worst of your worries, it’s nothing too bad to deal with and you can always go visit again.

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