Find yourself doing the duck face too much?  Or pointing to the person next to you?  Wanna break out of that photo booth funk when you can’t think of something clever to do?  With wedding season in full swing and holiday parties just around the corner (they really are, have you booked yours yet?) it’s time for some creative photo booth ideas and since we’ve been doing them for over twelve years we thought we’d give you some ideas on some funny and fun things we’ve done or seen.

Photo-by-rodbegbieOur friend Rod Begbie, coincidentally, founder of Sōsh, a great site/app to find great stuff going on locally, recently posted a funny shot that prompted us to make this post.

Moustaches, glasses, hats and boas are common accessories but in our opinion it’s all about how creative you can get with the props and yourselves.  We like thought bubbles, dry-erase and chalk boards since they let folks come up with clever messages.  Rod’s was fun although he told us he had some trouble getting the writing to show up.  A tip here is to angle the sign downwards some so the flash won’t blow out the text and make it unreadable.  I personally did this when I used photobooth strips as a way to communicate when I travel (I just mail them in an envelope and let the strip speak, or add in some actual writing if I feel like it). 

With our ultra-popular slow motion photo booths, we’ve tried some more creative and messy ideas like colored powder (a la Color Run or the Indian Holi festival), whip cream, sprinkles, water balloons and even kefir!  If you really want a memorable photo booth think creatively and don’t limit yourselves.  We love crazy ideas so hit us up too if you are willing to do something that hasn’t been done before (or check out some of our test shots in this gallery of slo mo booth videos)