We had a great time and were honored to be invited to participate in Transform, an event the Exploratorium threw to showcase their space to the events industry.  It was a fantastic night of fun and we showed off our bullet-time photo booth which creates animated GIFs like the ones we’ve posted here.

There was a ton of Exploratorium photo booth fun to be had all over with many other vendors showcasing their experiences too.  Check out the #rentexplo hashtag to see what others posted since we were having too much fun to have taken many shots.  With it being an events industry showcase too, there was a lot of networking going on.

The Exploratorium is a great venue for events, and we were reminded about how it can be perfect for huge groups but can scale down as well.  With so many interactive exhibits it’s also great for pretty much any type of crowd whether you are a tech company or startup or even a photography studio like us đŸ™‚