Like our CMYK Photo Booth, the Rainbow Shadows Photo Booth we now offer is also colorful and goes beyond just our subject and backdrop. In this setup, we combine three different color gels on three different strobes for this fun effect. With a large white backdrop to project large multi-colored shadows, your subjects and their shadows will always stand out. Different poses cause the shadows to overlap in unique ways, making for endless possibilities (as you can see in the test shots with our team below)!

By sticking to key color combinations, the colors will cancel each other out on the illuminated parts of the image, such as the subject and the majority of the backdrop. However, the subject’s shadows always get filled in by multiple colored light sources.

With this in mind, rearranging these colors can create several looks and tones that can suit your next event!

Animate this effect for a more interactive experience!  We sometimes call this the Unicorn Shadow effect – get in touch and play with it at your next event.