Event photography can either be a great asset or a big headache for organizations because guests will want to find every single photo of themselves or something they saw during the event. Enter facial recognition technology, an easy-to-use system that saves guests time and allows them to conveniently retrieve their photos, providing a seamless event photography experience.

At Intel’s 2019 Legends and Luminaries award reception, Orange implemented this turnkey solution to help guests find their photos immediately instead of searching through thousands of images in a gallery. At this internal event of over 300 guests that spanned two days across three venues, we were excited to assemble over eight of our professional photographers, including our co-founder Jack Huynh, to capture the memories and moments that brought together Intel’s most distinguished members to celebrate their achievements.

With this application, there is virtually no additional gear or work for our photographers. We shoot our photos of the event, upload them to our online gallery, and implement the facial recognition software that automatically selects and collects all images that contain a specific face. After signing up to use the feature, guests are then instantly notified when a photo with their face is uploaded.

The technology is awesome because of the seamless ease of access to personalized photos. It’s a convenient way for guests to enjoy events and remove the pain point of having to search for photos without scrolling through a huge gallery and instead, just remember how much fun they had. With this technology, guests can even find photos where they’re all the way in the background, and it can still detect their face. It’s a fun, user-friendly service that impresses guests and has them talking about the event afterwards!

We had an amazing experience collaborating with Intel and Big Insights Events at Legends and Luminaries 2019. The production inspired us to perform at our best to match the level of the occasion, so we were delighted to find that they were thrilled with the results and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them in the future!