2016-04-26 19.46.19Each year First Exposures holds its Looking Forward, Giving Back event to raise funds for the program.  It’s always a fun event where all of the mentees and mentors work lines the walls.  This year the event was held at SOMArts and a great crowd showed up to support this important program.  We donated a photo booth and several of our team were also on hand for the event.

 Along with all of the photography on display, some great quotes from mentors, mentees and parents were presented that really gave attendees a better feel for what the program was about.  As a mentor myself, it was really neat to see some of what the parents wrote, as it helps us to realize that the time and effort we put into First Exposures has a real effect on the kids in the program.2016-04-26 21.58.08

A new term popped up when Olivia Khalili of Yahoo for Good (a sponsor) mentioned STEAM (vs just STEM), the added “A” is for Arts, so Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  I hope we hear more about STEAM when education is discussed and not just STEM 🙂

One of the highlights for myself was seeing previous mentees who have grown up and are still doing well.  The Polaroid below is of me and Curt, one of the kids I mentored but as you can see if pretty grown up.  If you weren’t able to make it and would like to support this organization, you can still donate to First Exposures here!

Looking Forward, Giving Back 2016 - SOMArts - SF, CA, USA

me and Curt – Impossible Project #gen3 Pioneer test film

Looking Forward, Giving Back 2016 - SOMArts - SF, CA, USA

Mentor Lindsey Lutts McGuire – Impossible #gen3 Pioneer test film