We’ve used a lot of different gear at the studio here, but one thing we had a recent problem with was our Photoflex backdrop stands.  Two of the screw-in bolts popped out of the stand which meant you couldn’t tighten that piece of the stands and extend it to it’s full height (see above).  We did a search online and saw a few other photographers posting about a similar issue but no solutions, so we decided to call up Photoflex support and they were super helpful.

They basically said that this happens sometimes when the bolts aren’t glued in at the factory properly and that they could send us a new replacement piece or we could fix it ourselves quite easily as well, and so we decided to go that route…

The screw and bolt are shown below together, but you just screw off the screw-in bolt (which is the gold part in the top photo), and use threadlocker adhesive/glue (if that’s what it’s called) and put some on the threaded part of the gold piece and then screw that back into the black housing.

The particular brand we bought is shown below but there are many types you can get.  This stuff sets in like 20 minutes, but they recommend you wait 24-hours for it to be completed set.  We’ve since used the stands and everything is fine.  A simple fix and we hope it helps anyone else there who’s equipment may have similarly had wear.