Setting Up Your Zoom Calls for Success

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As we all are adjusting to the quarantine orders from these COVID-19 restrictions, one thing that is certain to come out of this time is the rise of video conferencing. Whether it’s the popular Zoom application, or Google Hangouts/Meet, or Skype of any of the other platforms, we’re all learning how to navigate […]

Company Holiday Party Tips – Do’s and Don’ts and Photobooth ideas

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8030_GoogleHoliday_RAW_GXH-26fFunnily enough The Bold Italic beat us to this (How to Survive Your Company Holiday Party) but we were trying to get some real-life examples during all the holiday parties we’re photographing and the holiday party photo booths we’re doing all season.  It’s always a fun part of the year for us since everyone is having a great time, but here’s a few do’s and don’ts from the […]

Gear tip: Photoflex backdrop stands

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We’ve used a lot of different gear at the studio here, but one thing we had a recent problem with was our Photoflex backdrop stands.  Two of the screw-in bolts popped out of the stand which meant you couldn’t tighten that piece of the stands and extend it to it’s full height (see above).  We did a search online and saw a few other photographers posting about […]

Productivity tools

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As a growing business we’ve now got people in more than one location so we’ve been doing more and more remote collaboration to get things done. Some of the tools we love and how we use them are the subject of this post and hopefully they can help you out as well.

Lifehacker is a great website for tips and tricks – we subscribe to their RSS feed […]

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