Not long ago, we donated our time and services to the My New Red Shoes organization to photograph their event that gave away new shoes to underprivileged families. For us, it was very gratifying to capture the joy on the kids and families’ faces as they got to choose their new pair of kicks.

The organization holds local events that give away shoes and clothing to disadvantaged children in the area, which serves to not only help meet the basic needs of the youth, but also to improve their self-esteem and confidence as they go into another school year among their peers.

After this event took place, My New Red Shoes reached out to use to see if we could produce a short, compelling vide that shared the impact of their work on the local families, both the parents and children. We thought it was a great opportunity to donate our production to the cause just as we’re ramping up our video services.

The video premiered at their Fashion Show Fundraiser at the end of September. It was a powerful story and we felt that sharing it could reach others and influence them to make small donations as well.

We love doing this type of work and are committed to making a difference in the community by shining a light on organizations like these. To find out more about our videos for nonprofits and conscious companies, click on the button.

Producing The Video

Since the goal of the video was to highlight the specific impact the nonprofit has had on individual children and families, we performed interviews with a parent whose child was a program recipient and the superintendent of Orchard School, Wendy Gudalewicz. 
We had a relatively quick and seamless set up that included a cinema camera, boom and lavalier mics to capture audio, and a lighting kit to make sure our subjects were properly exposed.
Once we had all of the footage, our editors spliced and pieced together the most compelling sections from the interview to show the narrative that brings out the essence of what this organization does for the children and families whose lives they’ve affected.

In addition to the interview footage, we also captured B-roll of the children playing on the playground as well as our featured family enjoying time by the nearby park and creek.

Highlighting MNRS’s Role and Impact on The Families

Naomi Robinson and her son Robert were highlighted as My New Red Shoe’s program recipients and in the video. She details how elated she was to get the call from Orchard School Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz that her 6 year old son would receive $500 to go towards meeting Robert’s basic clothing needs. 

For Naomi, being single mom, it’s a struggle to do all of the normal everyday things and she can often get overwhelmed. But after she got the call, she felt empowered. She describes emotionally:

“All of a sudden, your life that was dark and ugly… is beautiful everyday. Everyday I come in from work, everything is so beautiful. When I see him come home from school and he’s tired but he has new shoes on, it’s beautiful”. -Program Recipient Naomi Robinson

Naomi’s reaction speaks exactly to the mission that My New Red Shoes is striving for. Their work not only alleviates the struggles that these families go through so they can feel normal, but it also contributes to a larger purpose of bringing communities together around the basic needs of children.

Superintendent Gudalewicz notes: 

“Anyone and everyone in Silicon Valley that has the means necessary to help children, our children, all the children, and their families should step up… because when we talk about giving children one pair of shoes, to us it might be no big deal but to them it becomes the world.” – Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz

If you’d like to see more of the work that My New Red Shoes is doing or donate to their cause, please go visit their website here.