We were very fortunate to collaborate with My New Red Shoes at their event in East Palo Alto last week. The organization is a nonprofit whose purpose is to serve underprivileged children by providing them with clothes. This event in particular was a shoe giveaway where families would show up at their time slot and select a pair of shoes for the child to take home.

We contributed by shooting candid stills and providing a photo booth for the kids and their families after they received their shoes, where they could print out a copy of the image and also get a digital version. The giveaway is a great opportunity for these families to instill a sense of joy into their lives, and having a photo of the kids with their family makes it even more memorable. 

The event’s impact is significant because this not only helps meet the children’s basic needs, but also improves their self-esteem and confidence as they go into another school year among their peers, as the vulnerability of thinking yourself as the “poor kid” can be very powerful. So it was great for us to capture the joy on the kid’s faces as they got to choose their new pair of kicks!

It can also be difficult for nonprofits to secure a professional photographer and create assets for their marketing material. Having professional photos really increases their visibility and potential to attract more funds and resources for their cause.

I had the chance to speak with one of the event organizers and it just reminded me of how every resource is impactful for these types of organizations that are completely volunteer and donation driven.

We’re always grateful to attend and shoot corporate events, but using our knowledge and skills to help shed light on causes like this feels incredibly meaningful since they are purely focused on helping the disadvantaged and it feel like we’re making a difference by telling their story. Go check them our if you’re feeling generous!