all photos by Zoe Lonergan

At 10AM on Saturday June 4th a group of 18 participants met in downtown San Jose to Walk the Commute. Their challenge was to walk from downtown San Jose to Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco in one day. Without sleep. As it turns out, it was also raining.

At 10:30AM, the group of 18 departed and the support volunteers went into action preparing supplies for the walkers to use at rest stops ahead.  Despite hours of stormy weather the walkers moved toward their goal -shoes soaked through before they were even a fifth of the way to the end point.  Some luck brought a sunny afternoon to dry them off, and clear skies for the rest of the walk.

With a great deal of ambition and determination, half of the walkers conquered that intimidating distance and made it to the end.  After walking all day and all night for just over 52 miles, they gathered on the steps of Justin Herman Plaza to enjoy the morning sun over San Francisco Bay.  Here are the photos from the finish line.