149_5153_teamred_TL_149Colin Kaepernick has got all the hype right now and we recall photographing him the first time and how chill and down to earth he was.  In October of 2011 at the 49ers facility in Santa Clara, I spoke with him about what it felt like to be in the NFL and a 49er.  He was super excited to play and watching him hum passes was a lot of fun.  Fast forward to tomorrow and he’ll be the starting quarterback for the 49ers playing in the NFC Championship game, with a berth in the Super Bowl awaiting the winner.  There’s been a ton of press on the read option and pistol and as a business headquartered in San Francisco, we’re super amped for the game.  Of course we’ll be pulling for our home team, but it’s not just Kaepernick that’ll be a factor.  Personally I think a solid run game including Frank Gore (below) will be key on the offense as well as getting our tight ends involved.  Maybe a break out day for Vernon Davis?  On defense, if Justin Smith stays healthy we’re hoping to see some Aldon Smith all over Falcons QB Matt Ryan.  All this talk about football makes me want to shoot a game, but I realized after the first NFL game I shot that it’s actually more fun to watch the game as a fan, although the exhilaration of being on the sidelines isn’t bad!574567