As a still and motion photography studio we’ve seen how much more video is being used lately and how leveraging video can really help promote your event, brand or idea.


At first you may think video is complicated and expensive and while it can cost more than still imagery because of the additional complexity involved, there are also ways to create video content that’s much simpler.  For example a popular way of leveraging video is to create a slideshow.  Often at conferences you might see a slideshow of images from the conference set to music and with nice transitions that plays while people walk into a keynote or something similar.  This is something that’s not too complicated to pull together and that we do quite often.

On the other hand, you can go more complex, but the value is there.

Video testimonials are always a great feature.  Not only do they have more impact than just a written one, they can help convey more emotion and literally let your clients speak for you.  Your clients can also be allowed to promote and discuss their own business a little so it’s a win-win for both parties.

You can also create content that establishes you as an expert by creating tutorials or even just showing real live content.

For events, one of the current trends is doing live video, which has never been easier to do.  With services like Facebook Live and Periscope you can broadcast straight from your phone.  People love to see things as they happen and behind the scenes as well.  Doing a quick Instagram story of how you’re working an event can be compelling and show the hard work that goes into what you do.  Of course you want to make sure any such broadcast is okayed by your client first.

Entrepreneur magazine had a story they published with other ideas on how you can be leveraging video that you should also check out here and a couple months ago Smart Meetings posted this great article on Best Practices of Leveraging Video Content Online.  

Lately there’s also data that shows that square videos have more impact than standard aspect ratios.  This is more for video shared online so we’ve been experimenting with that too.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or questions about what we can do for you in the realm of video!

Slow Motion Photo Booth Trailer from Orange Photography on Vimeo.