This month marks the 22nd anniversary of Orange Photography. As we reflect back on this wonderful journey of running a small business in an increasingly expensive city, it is not surprising that we have had to evolve with the times. From our earliest days of running the business out of our awesome Victorian flat in SOMA on the questionable Natoma Street to moving a few blocks away to 9th and Howard, we’ve had our fair share of memorable parties so we dug up some oldies to share.

By the the middle of 2019 we had already decided to not renew our lease in the venerable American Industrial Center in the Dogpatch given the cost of rent and commuting headaches that plagued Bay Area living.  About that same time, Jack decided to move to Ann Arbor to give the suburban lifestyle a shot and actually purchase a home he could afford!  Alas, we have been fortunate enough to have enough national clients where we can serve more effectively being in the middle of America!  As we wait out the pandemic, we’re grateful for all the existing clients that we continue to serve and look forward to a very different future where we’re a virtual company all the time!