9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0069⛳ What’s more Presidential than golf?  We took the team to check out Urban Putt last night on President’s Day to take up the sport in a very San Francisco way.  The best scores ended up being a 34 but we all had a blast knocking the ball through the Transamerica Pyramid windmill and other variations on San Francisco.  

If you haven’t been before, there are some pretty neat holes including a video game/virtual reality hole, a head-to-head maze hole and many Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions.  They also have a selection of craft beers and cocktails to choose from and surprisingly, we have team members who hadn’t done a pickle back before so we had to do a round before teeing off!9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0002 9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0015 9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0027 9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0047  9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0105 9181_Orange_at_WorkPlay_RAW-0129