Bank of America Spirit of Excellence


Bank of America’s incentive program, the Spirit Award of Excellence is hosted in locations on both the east and west halves of the country to reward their top employees a trip for a job well done.  Folks who live in the east travelled westward to enjoy the fruits of their labor enjoying golf, tours, and more while the western folks travelled east to Myrtle Beach and South Florida.  In all, there were nine cities involved to accommodate the entire program. This required having a large team of photographers who could capture many different types of events from awards dinners to the blazing sun for rafting trips or out on the Florida Everglades.  Having a photography team versed in a variety of skills including doing on-site printing, candids, and posed portraits was necessary for several weeks in locations across the country.  Coordination between the teams and the on-site staff also was critical to making sure nothing was missed, and that all the photographic assets flowed easily back to the A/V team and clients.


The Orange Photography team, together with our Associate photographers, were able to staff each incentive program wave  completely, and this included coordinating lighting and printing technologies for some of the posed portraits which had to be printed on site and delivered to guests.  Additionally, coordination of the entire photography team was managed by Orange staff so that the clients and planners could focus on the award winners and not have to manage the minutiae of the logistics for each program wave.


  • Client was able to turn to Orange for a single contact to manage the entire incentive program across all nine locations
  • Used local photography teams as well as Primary Lead Photographers to insure smooth coordination for every wave of the incentive program
  • Portfolio books were produced for every winner
  • Each morning a new slideshow was produced overnight based on the best photos selected from all the photographers shooting the days events
  • Same night turnaround on prints at the formal dinner were a hit
  • Combined candid event photography, video editing, slideshows, portraits and photo stations into one engagement