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Orange believes that for us to succeed our partners must succeed and, as such we have focused on making sure that the event and meeting planners we work with know that when you choose Orange, you are bringing on another important facet to your team.  We understand that we also represent you when you recommend or hire us directly, and we work to strive that we make you look good.

This means both creating images that tell the story of your event for your client, but also getting photos of the design and decor for your own marketing and archive needs.  With our strong social media presence we can also help promote your event (or keep it under wraps!) and have long been members (and leaders) of industry associations such as MPI and ISES so that we can continue to learn about your business while honing our own, and creating strong, lasting relationships.

One Less Thing to Worry About

We also understand that as a vendor, you choose us to make your life simpler.  We strive to do that by the diversity of services we offer, from photo booths, to portraits, to group photos and event coverage.  If you’ve got a multi-city event coming up or a conference over ten days, we can scale up and down as need be.

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