Pearson Learning Conference


Pearson approached Orange to help with creating a variety of branded videos from a 3 day, 36+ hour conference. The videos requested were to showcase innovation, product showcases, top speaker talent, top tech talent, and most importantly position Pearson as a thought leader in education technology. They also needed the videos to cover a multitude of uses, primarily as brand assets and shared across global social media channels, blogs etc. With a rigorous program schedule and the need for highly-engaging content in a short period of time, Pearson tasked Orange to pull together the team of producers, videographers and editors to bring together their marketing vision.


Orange pulled together 2 dedicated video producers, along with a team of videographers and editors to build a video library of diverse highlights for the client.


  • 21 hours photography coverage and 17 hours of video coverage over the course of a 3 day conference
  • 2 promotional highlight reels with b-roll of the conference, and interview footage. these videos summed up the overall events and goals of the conference
  • 1 chronological panel video with 4 panelists discussing educational policy (with sound recording, and 2 different camera angles)
  • 1 chronological interview with Pearson CEO (with sound recording, and 2 different camera angles)
  • 8 short interview videos with tech start up leaders discussing their companies and roles in education (with sound recording, some b-roll)