Large Technology Company’s Custom Photo Booth


A way to interact with and impress jaded, tech-savvy conference attendees while staying within the theme and brand of the event. The idea needed to be cutting edge, something that had not been done, and scalable to be available for the 20,000+ attendees of the conference.  It also needed to be a welcoming, interactive installation that introduced the event brand to their audience.


Orange was to provide a total of five custom photo booth installations at the entrance of the event that were specifically customized to fit within the theme of the conference. The booths needed to work seamlessly with the provided space and thematic elements, as well as move large amounts of conference traffic quickly, while at the same time being fully customized to each individual’s information and details, along with a specific color filter look that the client desired.


  • 20 + hours of custom software development, including badge scanning technology that allowed for guest info to be automatically add to output overlay
  • Six photo booth installations that were customized by client with fully branded wrapd to further integrate the experience into the event atmosphere
  • 160 + hours of staff assistance on hand
  • 4500+ individual photos printed onsite over a 5-day installation:  Prints displayed various full-color “pop art” Warhol-type filters along with each individual guest’s name and conference attendance history
  • Each use of the booth was less than 30 seconds