disposable camera app graphic by photojojoDisposable cameras?  As in those little Kodak or Fuji ones you used to buy at the ABC Store when you were on vacation in Hawaii or at the 7-Eleven near the checkout?   Yep it’s exactly that but in app form built by Photojojo.  WTH right?  We thought it was a pretty cool idea and so we had to download it right away to play with it.  Here’s our thoughts on the app and resulting prints!

We took our 27 shots and then the app uploaded the files and we got the message below on the screen:disposable camera app screen shotFour days later we got a notice via email that our prints are on their way along with a tracking number so we eagerly awaited them to arrive in our mailbox at the studio!

After you ‘finish’ a roll of film, the app lets you order another disposable camera.

8515_OrangeatWork_PhotojojodispoRAW-0002The prints arrived in a box that you rip off the tab to open up and there’s a nice touch under the tear-off tab that is so Photojojo (we won’t spoil it!)

The prints themselves are like postcards more than photographic prints and the pack we got came with four postcard backers that you stick onto prints you like and it turns them immediately into a postcard you can mail to friends, family or even your enemies.

Since the joy of printed images is that they are physical, tangible things, it’s great to be able to send them as postcards so that’s a nice touch.  Since they are not glossy as well, you can easily write on the back of them and send them as thank you notes, or just to say hello.  Definitely fun and the images came out really nicely on our iPhone 6 that we tested with.