Bonding with your coworkers doesn’t have to be at happy hour. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy chatting over a good beer or margarita. Magnolia just opened up Smokestack a block away from our studio and their beer is incredible! But there are TONS of other ways to connect with coworkers outside of work. Github and Rocket Fuel got creative at their recent company offsites with a dodgeball tournament and agency olympics which we covered. Photographing these events was so fun, especially with the crazy wigs and spirited chants! Athletics and recreation have often¬†been at the center of team building, plus it’s a great way to sweat off stress.


Moving around and taking breaks is critical to brainstorming fresh ideas. At Orange, we have a pinball machine in the studio and a ton of running enthusiasts training for the upcoming Ragnar Relay in Napa. If you haven’t seen Nilofer Merchant’s TED talk about “walking meetings,” you should check it out! With gorgeous weather in San Francisco, taking a walk outside is such a treat, and we’re lucky to be just a few blocks away from Esprit Park. Next time you have a meeting, consider stepping outside and soaking up some vitamin D. And for your next offsite, why not play a game of dodgeball?