Slow Motion Photo Booths – what’s the deal?

Orange Photography's Original Slow Motion Photo Booth - as seen at the James Franco RoastAre you getting a real deal with your Slow Motion Photo Booth (or as we call ours, a Slo Mo Booth)?

Don’t be fooled by packages that leave your guests waiting up to two weeks to see their quirky, fun, and unforgettable images and video clips from the company holiday party. Sure, you might save some money by choosing basic slow mo packages, but at what cost? Ask yourself these questions before YOU choose your SLO MO Booth Vendor!

1. Does the Slo Mo Booth have a real high speed camera so results can be seen immediately?

2. Are my guests able to use the onsite viewing feature?

3. Is there a playback monitor for guests to feel like they are a part of this fun event?

It’s also great for guests and/or to display across the event and you’ll no doubt see many attendees recording it on their phones to share with friends. Orange Photography's Original Slow Motion Video BoothThe fun of a Slow Motion photo booth is to provide a unique, exciting, interactive activity for your guests. If the answer to any of these questions is a NO, then you’ve been duped! Give your guests what they deserve and book the Slo Mo Booth that is going to give everyone the ultimate experience. The original Slow Motion Photo Booth - as seen at the James Franco RoastWe’ve been doing slow motion photo booths for years and this is one of the most popular clips we’ve posted from a couple years ago if you need some ideas for inspiration (and you are daring!)

Slow Motion Photo Booth from Orange Photography on Vimeo.