photo lighting rental woes?Travel Lighting Rental Tips

At Orange Photography, we do a lot of travel and photo shoots on-location.  As a result, we’ve had some issues finding good rental houses (or lighting rental locations at all!). One of the best solutions we’ve found (aside from renting locally from the place you’re shooting at) is to just use your local rental house to ship, or use great services like

We recently had a shoot out in Denver and when we polled several local professional photographers we didn’t get any good news about good local lighting rental houses with great customer service, so we decided to use

The really nice thing about them is that they can ship your gear to wherever your shoot is, and they include shipping labels to ship the gear back with so it’s super simple.  We’ve rented quite a bit from them for similar shoots and have always had a great experience with their simple workflow for renting and returning gear.  If you want to try out gear you haven’t had a chance to use, renting is also a great option.

Locally (in San Francisco) we typically rent from Samy’s, but if you have a location shoot somewhere that doesn’t have good rental options, definitely check out BorrowLenses!