8030_GoogleHoliday_RAW_GXH-26fFunnily enough The Bold Italic beat us to this (How to Survive Your Company Holiday Party) but we were trying to get some real-life examples during all the holiday parties we’re photographing and the holiday party photo booths we’re doing all season.  It’s always a fun part of the year for us since everyone is having a great time, but here’s a few do’s and don’ts from the event planner and photographers perspective (illustrated with photos of course!) – what are some of your favorites?

Holiday Party “Do” List:

1) Go to the back and most remote part of the party first – chances are, there will be a bar there with little to no line vs the first bar which is usually slammed!  #Protip8030_GoogleHoliday_RAW_GXH-10f

2) If there’s a caricature artist (or tarot reader, psychic, or amazing on-demand poet like Silvi from the poetry store) you should get in line right away!  Many of these fun options take a bit of time and by the time everyone else got their noms on (or first three rounds of cocktails in), the lines will be really long.


3) EAT!!! You gotta line that stomach with something aside from just the company-provided alcohol.  Eating is not just smart, it’ll save you in the morning.  Oh yeah, you should also drink lots of water.  Pace yourself with a glass of water after every other drink – and don’t stop sampling all the tasty eats that the hard working caterers are creating for you (and this includes dessert!)





We’re gonna leave this section up to the fine folks at The Bold Italic, but the first and most obvious one is to not embarrass yourself in a bad way.  It’s ok to have fun and be goofy but don’t do something that’ll get the HR folks on your case 🙂


Holiday Party Photo Booth Trends, Tips and Ideas:

1) Selfies are ubiquitous but turn it up a notch and leverage those photo booths to create something more fun.  Depending on the scene/setup do something creative!


2) Leverage the props!  Don’t think of what they are literally, but see what you can create out of them – and don’t take yourself too seriously – unless it’s in a fun way!


3) Look at the camera, not the screen!  Put aside your inner narcissist, at least for a second, and look at the camera – unless you are trying for a different effect, of course.  Then it’s great to look away on purpose!

4) If you are doing one of our slo-motion photo booths (slo-mo), the key is to always exaggerate your movements.  You pretty much can’t over commit.  If you have a head rush or your glasses fly off your face, then you’re doing it right! 🙂  Remember, the camera will slow your movement down!



Let us know your ideas and Do’s and Don’ts in the comments section below!