Tricorder XPRIZE

We had a blast recently doing a shoot for the Star Trek Tricorder XPRIZE competition.  We had some Star Trek fans at the studio to promote this awesome Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE and everyone was really into the shoot.  The prize itself is super awesome too: “A $10 million competition to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand,” as they state on the website.  We’d love to see this happen and a lot of the other initiatives that XPRIZE is doing are incredible too so check them out on their website!

We had a ton of help from our friend Jon Sung (above) to pull this together: “It helped immensely to have in Dallis a highly professional, organized producer who also spoke fluent Trek, so he could make specific requests about particular alien races and uniform looks. The evening’s photographer, Billy, was also a blast to work with!”

And that awesome Klingon?  That was Jesse MacKinnon who said “It was a long process, but putting on the Klingon makeup felt good. It felt natural. In fact, I got the strong urge to disembowel the nearest person I could!”

Star Trek Tricorder XPrize

Here’s some of the shots from the shoot as well as a look behind-the-scenes!7283_Xprize-CaptainSung 7283_Xprize-Jamie 7283_Xprize-Klingon 7283_Xprize-Science 7283_Xprize-tricorder DSC_0108-2f DSC_0133-2fDSC_0167-2f