Orange does the Anchor Brewery Tour

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Most beer lovers recognize Anchor Steam as the quintessential and/or original S.F. beer brand. But not everyone knows they can book a a tour (up to two months advance notice often required)  to see the brewery and learn how their world-class beer is made. Anchor has also been one of my favorite clients over the past few years (we’ve photographed everything from their holiday party/Christmas Ale releases to their brewmaster […]

Anchor Brewery press coverage

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So the big news has been out for a bit now, but we were on hand to take the press shots of Fritz Maytag,  Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio that went along with the announcement.  It was an honor to meet Mr. Maytag who’s really humble and soft spoken.  As someone who thoroughly enjoys beer (and especially craft brews) I owe thanks to Mr. Maytag.

The shot above was one of the […]

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