Congratulations Alexis Davis!


We photographed Alexis back in 2012 and she’s been on a tear since in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  The above shot was […]

More pinball… on the cover of Open Skies magazine

In case you didn’t fly Emirates Air last month, you might not have seen the May 2013 issue of Open Skies Magazine which featured one […]

Leadership and ISES Eventworld

Coming off attending ISES Eventworld, it was fortuitous that the book I brought to read on my flight was Leadership Gold by John Maxwell.  As a board member of the ISES-NCC chapter, we attended the conference early for some of the leadership training and I found that to be very useful.

The best thing about getting involved with an industry organization is not just the networking and business opportunities, but education and growth (both personally and for your business).  As a vendor I know we often thought much of the education wasn’t well targeted for us (we typically don’t need to know how to negotiate contracts with hotels, for example), but you can learn from many diverse disciplines.  The key is to think about how it’s relevant to your own business and that’s something we do all the time since we’re event photographers who have got to hear some incredible speakers from Presidents,  world leaders, sports legends and some of the most brilliant minds alive today.

Some of the lessons learned from Leadership Gold include: […]

Steam Whistle Brewery tour


On a recent trip to photograph up in Canada, we had a chance to stop by and check out Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto since it’s located just behind the Convention Center and Intercontinental Hotel, where we stayed.  The brewery is where Steam Whistle is brewed and they only make that one beer, which is a Pilsner.  It seemed serendipitous that I’d be staying near a Pilsner-only brewery when we were going to be photographing for another one, Churchkey, based here in the States as well.

Steam Whistle is a cool brewery for a variety of reasons.  As a green business ourselves, we appreciate other businesses who have green practices and they do there.  They use thicker glass bottles with baked on labels, which I noticed immediately, and as such, they can reuse them more and don’t have to use the chemicals each time to apply the labels, etc.  For the caps, they use crown caps instead of twist offs because twist offs can sometimes strip the threads on bottles, and then they can’t be reused.

Overall they have 137 employees and the beer is only sold in Canada so far.  They produce 62,000 hectolitres of beer each year, and are proud of how fresh the beer is.  If you ever have a case of beer of theirs that’s old, you can bring it in and they’ll replace it with a new, fresh case!

Oh yeah, as a photographer who still loves film, you gotta stop by and check out their film photobooth too!  Make sure to do it after you do the tour and have had a few brews 🙂 […]

President Barack Obama in San Francisco

We were honored to photograph President Barrack Obama during a recent fundraiser held at the Nob Hill Masonic Center.  Gene was there to capture some great images and fun tidbits from the night.  The President gave a passionate speech which resulted in some enthusiastic crowd members to shout out “I love you” with the President responding with “I love you too”.  Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was there and played an acoustic tribute to Whitney Houston that got the crowd going.  All in all, quite a memorable evening!


Congrats to Chef Aaron London of Ubuntu!


We photographed chef Aaron London of Ubuntu for the cover of Smart Meetings magazine last […]

Gene on CNBC

Gene on CNBC today
Here is Gene on CNBC yesterday (left) and the shot he took while he was on the air  (right). It occurred when he asks about the Kardashians […]

Help MDA raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy research

 Last night we were happy to donate our services as part of our Social Photography program to the MDA of San Francisco.  MDA has a camp that the kids go to that’s something they look forward to each year, and the research into Muscular Dystrophy has been an ongoing battle.  To help keep this research going, and to help the kids affected by MD, it’s important for those who are able, to continue to support the MDA in whatever way they can.  For us it was donating our time and a silent auction piece, but you can help too.  Find out more on their website:

Documentary review: architectural photographer Julius Shulman

Case Study House #22 is perhaps the most iconic and famous of Julius Shulman’s photographs and it is one of […]