Green and Blue Lasers Shooting Over San Francisco Bay

ESG/Sept. 2011One of our photographers, Court Leve, captured this striking image of green and blue lasers projecting out from the iconic Transamerica building and Lenovo sign over […]

San Francisco At Night

San Francisco At Night
I am privy to a lot of fantastic city views as someone who gets to shoot in a variety of venues. And what a beautiful city we live in! […]

Long Exposure Night Photos

Here are a few outtakes from the shoot for our eighth anniversary party invite. We used a digital SLR on a tripod, set exposure about 30 seconds on self-timer and used an array of […]

Golden Gate Bridge photographed at Night (with Jupiter and an almost full moon)

golden gate bridge moon night jupiter stock photoSo I was coming back to the City last night […]

Kohl Mansion at night…

kohl mansion photography by orange photography
There was an event last night at the Kohl Mansion and this was the […]

Full Moon over San Francisco

Shoot the Moon!