Green and Blue Lasers Shooting Over San Francisco Bay

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ESG/Sept. 2011One of our photographers, Court Leve, captured this striking image of green and blue lasers projecting out from the iconic Transamerica building and Lenovo sign over the San Francisco Bay at night. It was such a cool image, we wanted to share it with you.

San Francisco At Night

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San Francisco At Night
I am privy to a lot of fantastic city views as someone who gets to shoot in a variety of venues. And what a beautiful city we live in! I’m so lucky to live here. These night exposures were taken on some recent shoots. Some exposures are as long as 30 seconds, so obviously a tripod or flat balcony railing (hang on tight to your camera!) come in handy. In a […]

Long Exposure Night Photos

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Here are a few outtakes from the shoot for our eighth anniversary party invite. We used a digital SLR on a tripod, set exposure about 30 seconds on self-timer and used an array of light painting tools (lighter, flashlight, flashing bike light). Writing “eight” backwards with a flashlight proved to be quite a challenge. Crossing invisible t’s and dotting phantom i’s took some practice.


bike light raving…