So one of the things we’ve had a great time doing are High Concept Photography photo booths (we now call this our Studio Booth).  Although they aren’t always actual photo booths, but more photo ‘experiences’ most people just know the term photobooth so we use that.  Anyhow, we’ve produced some of these on our own as well as with our partners in the events industry.  Above was our first internal one that we unofficially called a “Dexter” photo booth that honors the excellent Showtime show, Dexter.

Recently we worked with the amazing team at Robert Fountain and got to work two high concept photo experiences that were part of a much larger party.  The first one was an “I Love Lucy” themed chocolate factory set complete with an amazing Lucy:

The second set we worked with was CHiPs themed but with a twist.  Here’s Helena Price enjoying her work with us that evening:

Another fun one we did a little while ago was a Secret Agent themed party.  The invitations and theme by the amazing Eris Stassi were mysterious and cryptic and led to a secret location where we set up a stylized photo station for people to enjoy.  After a few libations, the spies were in a more festive mood…