Lovely 2.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Terrier Mix seeks active home!

This lovely gal is looking for an active home!

Orange Photography is committed to giving back to the community and helping in whatever ways we can. This includes volunteering at the SF Marin Food Bank on a regular basis and supporting the causes and organizations about which staff are passionate. Luckily for me, that means I get to bring dogs from the SF SPCA to the studio on doggie day dates to help the pooches get out for some fun and expose them to potential adopters beyond the shelter.

I brought my first doggie day date, Bright Eyes, last November. Since that time, Orange Photography has hosted a few more dogs from the SF SPCA. I knew my colleagues enjoyed the puppy time but I didn’t realize how much until they asked me last week, “So…when are you bringing in another dog?”

Fast forward to yesterday: I brought in sweet, vivacious Danielle, a 2.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Terrier mix. I’ve taken her on a doggie day date before to the Marin Headlands. I was curious to see how she’d do in the studio. She was fantastic!  Danielle showed off her obedience skills for treats, and kept herself quietly entertained with toys and exploring.  She also helped us celebrate (belatedly) Asher’s birthday, although instead of chocolate cake, she got a kong filled with treats.

Danielle came to the SF SPCA from Stockton and has been homeless for more than 200 days!

The average stay for an adoptable dog is about 17 days. Most dogs find their match right away. And then there are a few who take a bit, or a lot, longer. Danielle is one of these longer-term residents. But it is not for lack of personality or charm! In the spirit of helping Danielle find a home via Orange Photography’s social media channels, I’m doing this blog post like I did for Bright Eyes (who, by the way, found her furever home a couple weeks ago!). I invited fellow SPCA volunteer, Michelle, who has worked more with Danielle, to help me get these great photos of Danielle. Thanks Michelle!

I also asked Michelle what she loves about Danielle:

My love for Danielle has grown as I have become one of her volunteer regulars. I would describe Danielle as fun, energetic, smart, engaging, curious and affectionate.  She loves to give kisses – although sometimes it might feel like she is trying to lick my face off! She is a fun dog who is quick to learn any new tricks I show her.
Danielle needs active adopters preferably with a yard. She loves to play games and sort of keeps you on your toes.  I also just love how it is looks like she has little black pants on when she walks with such purpose. She has those incredibly happy eyes and cute little ears. She is such a loving dog that I think would be devoted to her owners.
If you want an active dog that will give you just as much as you give, Danielle is your girl.

Having spent a full day with Danielle in the studio, I agree with Michelle. Danielle is a very likable gal and definitely needs to find a home with adopters that can keep her mentally and physically active. She is very playful, curious, and brave. New things and experiences don’t phase her.  On our doggie day date at Orange, she experienced bubbles, carrots, the MUNI bus, and elevators — probably all for the first time. Her initial response to each one was curiosity exercised with a smidgen of caution, but the courage to explore it. In the case of the carrots, she played with the cut up sticks until she realized she could eat them; then she took to them like Bugs Bunny!

Please share this post! Let’s help find Danielle a home! [PUPDATE: Danielle was adopted on March 19th!]

As a bonus, here’s a fun video compilation of Danielle cuteness 🙂

Danielle’s Doggie Day Dates Compilation from Jung Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.