One of the wonderful things we get to experience in our industry is seeing and experiencing other creative event professionals. We usually get to see everyone at the event working hard and only get to see the final presentation which is why we jumped at the chance to join our partners at The Pearl to go photograph some behind the scenes of the lovely chefs and food at Melons Catering

They showcased a few of their specialties,  Agnolotti Pasta, Chocolate Rhubarb Truffles, Vanilla Macarons, and an assortment of in house cured meats (the pride and joy of the chef).  While walking through, learning and tasting amazing food we also photographed some Slider Buns baking and Cranberry Beans being shelled by hand.  The attention to detail at their South San Francisco location is amazing, almost amazing as everything smelled!

Here is the Agnolotti Pasta being made, which is usually used for their Butternut Squash Ravioli.  Each step is taken with such care but with the speed of an expert (we actually had to tell him to slow down for the photos)!

These lovely little gems are the Chocolate Rhubarb Truffles which smelled amazing and looked quite fun to make!

We were shown all of the steps on how to make Vanilla Macarons and the precision involved.

They built an entire room to cure their own meats and it is lovely (and delicious!).

Slider Buns and Cranberry Beans