Small Potatoes Catering Custom Stock photography

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Earlier this year we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some custom stock photography and staff headshots for Small Potatoes Catering and Events.  It was really a fun time going over there and setting up for some food shoots as well as their amazing chef at work! We love getting to go and photograph people doing what they love, that’s the power […]

Behind the scenes at Melons Catering and Events

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One of the wonderful things we get to experience in our industry is seeing and experiencing other creative event professionals. We usually get to see everyone at the event working hard and only get to see the final presentation which is why we jumped at the chance to join our partners at […]

Foxtail Catering and Events

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Here in the Dogpatch in San Francisco we have a lot of events industry folks in our building and we had the chance to check out our upstairs neighbors, Foxtail Catering and Events last week.  They do great work and are a partner over at The Pearl as we at Orange Photography are as well.  Alongside Foxtail, they own two other catering brands geared to weddings and office lunches, LRE Catering and

Celebrations abound: Congrats to La Bonne Cuisine and our very own Natalie!

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Wednesday we celebrated our very own Natalie’s birthday a bit early with a custom flavor from our neighborhood ice cream shop, Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous. In honor of Natalie we had them make some Lavender and Lemon ice cream and it was delicious! They should still have it this week so try it out!

Also last night, La […]

Congrats to Chef Aaron London of Ubuntu!

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We photographed chef Aaron London of Ubuntu for the cover of Smart Meetings magazine last year and got to try out some food there as well which was a treat! This year, he’s a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Rising Star Chef of the Year Award.  In the Bay Area we’re so fortunate to have […]

Cheesemonger: A Life On The Wedge

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Meet Gordon Edgar –  author, blogger and cheesemonger at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative here in sweet ‘ol San Francisco.  I had the opportunity to photograph Gordon for this image featured on the cover of his memoir Cheesemonger: A Life On The Wedge published and distributed by Chelsea Green. Chelsea Green is a unique publishing company that specializes in books on the politics and practices of sustainable living.  They […]

Dynamo Donut

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I walked into the studio this morning and was immediately hit with the smell of freshly brewed coffee (yes!) and some unidentifiable sugar product. I got excited. Julie was so sweet to bring in a box of donuts from Dynamo Donut in the Mission. We held a little tasting to sample the five varieties… these were about the best donuts I’ve had. They don’t abuse the sugar and something about […]

Carême 350 food photography

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careme 350
So we did some food photography for Careme 350 and man they have an amazing deal that I had to post about.  The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of August and September they have $3.50 3.5 course meals for both lunch and dinner.  Now that’s tough to beat especially since it’s the culinary academy students preparing the food!  From what I saw, everything looked pretty […]

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