genex2014_0046fRecently we had two awesome customer service experiences with two brands we have had a longstanding relationship with.  One is Think Tank Photo who produces camera bags and accessories, and the other is with Lexar Media. The first product we ever bought from Think Tank was the Airport Antidote camera bag.  It was right after the company started up and we heard about them when shooting for the San Francisco Chronicle since some of their folks had used the gear.  We eventually got some belt packs as well as other accessories from them, and have found their products to be almost bulletproof.  Of course eventually things can fail, and the zipper finally busted on the Antidote so we contacted them about fixing it.  Instead, they wowed us by reviewing the damage and offering up a replacement bag instead.  Since they are close by, we went up and visited their offices in person and exchanged the old bag for a new one.  They let us pick between two options since the original bag was no longer in production.  It was a really great customer service experience and will keep us as customers of theirs for sure!

Similarly, we have had pretty good luck with our storage media overall, but the Compact Flash cards we use get written and overwritten repeatedly and frequently.  Finally one of our cards broke down and we worked with Lexar online support to test the card.  Eventually they ruled that it was defective and we filled out some paperwork and they sent a replacement.  Easy!

Great customer service is something we pride ourselves on and when we experience it ourselves, we like to point it out and share our experience with others.