As a silver lining of the great pandemic of 2020, I took some time (actually a lot of time) to reflect on my body of work and put together some ‘highlights’ from the past 20 years of professional work. Ironically, the bulk of what I’ve pull together is a very small percentage of the type of work that I normally do for our corporate clients. My 10 years of being a wedding photographer was entirely left out in my portfolio as well as hundreds of events/headshots I’ve done. Undoubtedly, the work that we do for our clients is probably one of the least glamourous disciplines in our industry but I am still proud of the level of execution and craft that we have brought to the industry. More importantly, the experience and great clients has a great foundation for the next chapter of my professional career. Without all the wonderful clients and photographers we have worked with in the past 20 years, I would still be stuck in California and not be able to participate in the great exodus. While it is too early to commit to a trajectory of Orange’s path coming out of the pandemic, it will surely be very different than the past years.

My intention for creating a sperate portfolio website is to engage with different types of clients moving forward. Given that the bread and butter of my work will still be with Orange, I am looking forward to diversifying the type of work that engages me. Currently, I am still in the process of strengthening my video capturing and editing skill set and I am grateful for the time to pick up this skill set! None of my video work will be on the portfolio site for some time but you can see some of it on my long term project about Buddhism in the west. Meanwhile, I finally got around to posting some of my favorite photos from my road trip into the Pacific Northwest as well as the Southwest of the US.