We have been very busy tinkering in the studio to create and showcase some new, and colorful, photo booth ideas this year!  Here is one of our first successes we lovingly call our CMYK Photo Booth.  The customization options for this booth are crazy exciting!

We are able to set up the booth with colors to either fit your brand or theme and of course can customize even further with logos.  We tried out a few different options with one person, less colors, and multiple people which you can check out below.  We hope you are as excited about this amazingly colorful booth as we are and can’t wait to see it in action at a lovely event in the future!

We know everyone loves to take group shots in our booths (because who doesn’t want their friends with them!) so our solution to make this work was to include four images from four separate people.

Before your event we can customize how the booth will look, which colors to use, and how many photos we take to make the final image.