Introducing our Slow Motion Photo Booth

Yes, this is the hottest thing out there right now and yes, we have it!
As we recently featured for the Roast of James Franco on Comedy Central, the […]

Studio Booth or Photo Booth?

Studio booth or Photo booth? Having trouble deciding what kind of experience to give your guests? Or still not sure what the options are? At Orange Photography […]

Reagan 5th Birthday

Black Light photo booth for Virool

black light photoboothblack light photo boothvirool black light photoboothvirool black light photo boothblack light photo boothblack light photo boothblack light photo booth […]

Prohibition Playground / Gatsby Photo Booth

Warhol Photobooth @SFMOMA 11.07.12

andy warhol photoboothwarhol photoboothandy warhol photo boothwarhol photo boothandy warhol photoboothsandy warhol photo booths […]

08.22.12 Orange 11th Anniversary: Western Booth

Zombie Photo Booth 08.22.12 Orange 11th Anniversary

Zombie photo boothzombie apocalypse photo booth green screenzombie photo booth green screen

08.22.12 Orange 11th Anniversary: Winter Booth

Gorgeous & Green Mad Men Photo Booth