Every summer Orange tries to take a couple days off and go on our annual retreat. We usually find ourselves around some body of water whether it be a lake or river. This year we rented an awesome Airbnb just North of Lake Mendocino.

Since the San Francisco summer is usually taken over by Karl the Fog, we enjoyed spending some time outside in weather that actually felt like summer. During the day we worked on a couple team photo projects, spent some time in and around the lake, cooked, and played music. We also did an interesting team building/ get to know yourself test called True Colors. It gave us a lot of insight into how we can work better together and take everyones strengths and differences into consideration.




We couldn’t get enough of the view from the back porch, both during the day and especially in the evenings. We all took the time to lay out under the stars and even have some fun with light painting.




Most of all, we all wanted to take the resident, one-eyed cat, Tiger home with us.

In the end, we got a bit of summer, relaxation, good food and we all got to know each other a bit better. Now on to the rush of the end of the year and the holidays!