Danny de Zayas, From the Hip Photo

From the Hip is a five-person full-time team based in Denver, Colorado, and we love what we do! Our work encompasses everything from corporate events and headshots to food, fashion, real estate, and product photography–we love that every day brings new adventures!

Why do you like about working with Orange?

It’s always a pleasure for us to work in conjunction with the Orange team because they “get it” and understand that being creative artists and being consummate professionals are not mutually exclusive.

Favorite Place to Eat?
Joya in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. They have the best fried calamari and their green curry is still the best I’ve ever tasted.

Do you have any special/hidden talents?

I don’t do it anymore, but when I was fifteen I started DJing. I began spinning vintage reggae at this little British pub in Miami and then later, when I moved to New York for college, I started an indie-pop night. One night, this cute girl came in and we immediately clicked. Thirteen years later, we’re still inseparable. My wife, Nina, and I started From the Hip together and I guess we owe it all to that hidden talent!

Favorite Artist? 

Jean-Luc Godard. I fell in love with his work in high school, especially his films from the late 1950s through the mid ’60s. He was the first director who made cinema feel like a legitimate art form to me, and a lot of the basic things about the way I think of composition and lighting are a direct result of his influence. Plus, his work had this effortlessly cool sensibility–even if they were having a horrible time, you just wanted to be there in his movies with his characters.

Something most people don’t know about you?  

When I was twelve, I ran with the bulls in Pamplona with my older brother. Before I went on the trip, my mother made me promise I wouldn’t do it but she says she knew in that moment that I wouldn’t be able to pass up the opportunity when it actually presented itself. (Sorry, mom!)

What’s your favorite thing about photography? 

The basic function of being able to crystallize a moment in time. I have a terrible memory and I understand firsthand how so many of my remembrances are shaped by photographs. I love the tension in the idea that photographs at once capture the “truth” of a particular instant but that images are also subject to our own projections and emotions. My hope is that the photos we capture have helped people not only recall special times in their lives, but that the photographs themselves have perhaps added their own mystique to that moment.

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