A few weeks ago, Orange ventured to After Dark at the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium is an awesome San Francisco museum where physics, social, and even a few biological experiments all live together under one roof. During the day, it hosts school groups, tourists, and families, but the After Dark program on Thursday nights, allows adults to come out and play. It’s great, because you can let out your inner child, without disrupting actual children.

We made our way around, trying some of the experiments and learning new things. The Exploratorium is somewhere you think “I didn’t know that was how that worked.” or “I’ve never thought about that before” every few minutes. Considering physics is the only class I ever dropped in school, I can’t help but think if I would have been more interested if I had somewhere like the Exploratorium to learn. Either way, I find the social experiments the most fascinating part of the museum. We tried one where we picked a new name for ourselves. Simple in nature, but it really made us think about what our names mean, how we see ourselves, and even how we would like others to see us. This can all be communicated through our name.07.02.15-OrangeatExploratorium-15

The theme of the night was RGB, and as we are all photographers and artists, we have a pretty solid understanding of how that light spectrum works. We listened to a bit of the presentation and then enjoyed the rooftop observatory.  The night we were there, the fog (Karl as some call him), gave us a unique view of the Bay Bridge.



Overall, it was a nice night out, and we appreciate the Exploratorium having us as their guests. It never hurts to have a couple beers and learn some new things!