Nick Cobbing's website home page

image of Nick Cobbing's website homepage

As a CPS (Canon Professional Services) member, there are a few things you get that are nice perks but one of the newer things we got this year was the CPS magazine (now in its sixth issue).  Since it’s published by Canon there’s an obvious bent towards their products but they do feature some great photography as well. Particularly notable was Nick Cobbing’s work around Greenland illustrating climate change. You can see some of that work on his website and it’s pretty great stuff.

Some of it reminded me of Edward Burtynsky, another one of my favorite photographers that also likes to explore the impact us human beings have on our world.
Gerd Ludwig is also in the issue and more of his work in Russia is included. I had read the National Geographic piece he had done earlier, but it’s nice to get more of his own perspective on the project as a whole.