Now as photographers we’ve probably all heard enough of how DSLR video was revolutionizing what everyone could do with video and of course phone cameras are now the number one image capture device for most Americans.  Now with the video capabilities of phones improving there seems to be more and more focus on what can be done with that medium.

Will photographers need to rely on these tools at times?  Perhaps?  But already there have been movies made with mobile phones (one by our very own local DJ and now filmmaker, Hooman Khalili: Olive), and I just heard on To The Best of Our Knowledge about Goldilocks, an episodic show shot only on the iPhone.  It’s pretty fun to watch and one of the things the producers mentioned about using the iPhone as a video camera was the ability to go where other video cameras could not before, because of form factor.

That led me to think about what other types of photography (and possibly video) could be done utilizing the tools that now make shooting more flexible.  From clamps and remote-controlled helicopters, technological advances have opened up our creativity to new options that in the past were not possible and/or within the budget of most individuals.  So the next time you are thinking about what you can’t do, think about what kind of tools are already out there and what you might be able to create out of them.  After all, we ARE creative professionals, aren’t we?