06_26_13_Recology_orange_RAW-0013fRecology is known to most local Bay Area folks as the company that picks up our trash, compost and recycling.  But in 1993 they started their Artists in Residence Program aka Art at the Dump.

Currently two artists are working in the program: Kristin Cammermeyer (a painter doing stop motion), and Chad Hasegawa.

We took our team out to check it out and as a Green Business, also to see what happens after you have your trash picked up.

If you’ve never been to the dump or gotten a behind the scenes look, it’s pretty fascinating and it’s also amazing what people throw out.  I was most discouraged to see a full on pinball machine that someone threw away!  The artists have to use things that come from the dump, and they are allowed to go through stuff to get their materials.  There’s also a sculpture garden on the property and if you haven’t been to any of the art openings, you should check one out.  Below is a collage of some phone pix we snapped during the tour.

One of the most fascinating things was that they employ a falconer to keep the seagulls at bay.