Recology and Art at the Dump tour

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06_26_13_Recology_orange_RAW-0013fRecology is known to most local Bay Area folks as the company that picks up our trash, compost and recycling.  But in 1993 they started their Artists in Residence Program aka Art at the Dump.

Currently two artists are working in the program: Kristin Cammermeyer (a painter doing stop motion), and Chad Hasegawa.

We took our team out to check it out and as a Green Business, also to see what […]

7th San Francisco Green Business Awards Reception

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We were super excited to attend and shoot this event since we were getting our new plaque for our renewal as a San Francisco Green Business.  We’re very proud to have been the first photography studio to earn this designation, which is one of the most stringent ones around, since being green has been a big part of our business philosophy since the start.  Paired with our Social Photography […]

San Francisco Green Business renewal

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san francisco green business photographers - orange photography

We’re very proud of the fact that we were/are the first photography studio to earn the San Francisco Green Business designation from the City and County of San Francisco.  It’s been a value we’ve held as a company since we started and only when there was such a program […]

Book Review: Garbology

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Being a Green business, we are always looking at ways we can keep a minimal footprint while still providing excellent service and photography to our clients.  Recently on NPR, I heard Pulitzer Prize winning writer Edward Humes being interviewed about his latest book, Garbology, and finally got to read it.

It’s a fascinating piece of writing, and really made me want to make Orange an even […]

Greenbuild conference and working with other green businesses

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Coming up is the Greenbuild conference and we are super excited for it.  As a San Francisco Green Business and the first photography studio to earn the City and County of San Francisco’s designation for that, we’re always happy to see more green related conferences happening.  It’s a trend that we are in full support of and we look forward to working with many of the […]

Happy Earth Day week/end!

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As a San Francisco Green Business we’ve always loved Earth Day and supported efforts to green our business as much as we can. In fact, we started out as a digital studio back in 2001 because we liked how digital wasn’t as chemically intensive as traditional film processing was. Anyhow, we’ve had a good Earth Day week so far, covering the Mayor’s Earth Day Breakfast on Wednesday and […]

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