President Barack Obama in San Francisco

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We were honored to photograph President Barrack Obama during a recent fundraiser held at the Nob Hill Masonic Center.  Gene was there to capture some great images and fun tidbits from the night.  The President gave a passionate speech which resulted in some enthusiastic crowd members to shout out “I love you” with the President responding with “I love you too”.  Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was there […]

Young Barack and Michelle Obama

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young Barack and Michelle
I thought this was a sweet photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo credit. Any guesses as to the date? I love their natural pose and the details of the decor.

If you haven’t seen Obama’s People, Nadav Kander’s portrait series of Obama’s administration, posted online on the New York Times website, it’s worth checking out. Most everyone photographed looks a bit awkward, but I think that is the […]

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