The Instagram Papers – social media and usage rights grabs

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As photographers, you may have heard about the Instagram terms of service kerfuffle a while back, but it kind of died down and then it seemed like radio silence.  However, the real issue for all users is what the those TOS (Terms of Service) really are and how they impact all users of Instagram.

One thing we weren’t aware of was the fact that you can’t actually delete your account […]

Maintaining Creativity: Instant Photo Assignments

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transbay terminal, sfSocial media has a lot of uses and one thing we’ve created is the “Instant Photo Assignment.” The way it works is quite simple: You just post a tweet or to your Facebook status that you are accepting “Instant Photo Assignments” and then people can reply back to you with assignment options. Now, you can take them literally or […]

SF Mayor Newsom’s Facebook Profile Image

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Gavin FB Profile
I sent this image along to Mayor Newsom’s inaguration committee about a year ago. It seems they liked it so much… they’ve chosen to use it as the Mayor’s Facebook profile shot! The choice seems very appropriate as Jack Huynh was hired to get the photograph the night of Gavin’s inauguration reception at deYoung Museum and this shot was from his speech at City Hall.  You can find the profile on […]

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