Social media portraits and getting the most out of your headshots

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social media portraits and headshots by orange photographyToday we have so many ways to get yourself out there and on social media especially, your image is important and something that contributes to your own personal brand as well as your business.  In the past we’ve talked about the difference between headshots […]

The Special Event 2011 wrap-up and learnings

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So last week was The Special Event in Phoenix, AZ and I was honored to be a speaker at the conference.  The best thing about going to these is that you get to meet new folks, learn and network.  This year’s The Special Event was my first one to attend and it was definitely worth the […]

The Special Event – Gene X Hwang presentation on photography trends: twitter live stream demo

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Update: You can view our blog post wrap-up of The Special Event 2011 here.

Maintaining Creativity: Instant Photo Assignments

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transbay terminal, sfSocial media has a lot of uses and one thing we’ve created is the “Instant Photo Assignment.” The way it works is quite simple: You just post a tweet or to your Facebook status that you are accepting “Instant Photo Assignments” and then people can reply back to you with assignment options. Now, you can take them literally or […]

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