Understanding Video Production For Event Planners & Marketers

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You may have noticed the recent trend of videos becoming a more prominent choice for how companies want to market themselves and connect with their audiences. Whether you want to capture a fun and exciting experience or build attendance and sponsorship for future events, adding video production to your package is a great way to promote your message across multiple platforms.
Depending on what you want to capture, there are different levels of production that will […]

Traveling for shoots and lighting rental tips

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photo lighting rental woes?Travel Lighting Rental Tips

At Orange Photography, we do a lot of travel and photo shoots on-location.  As a result, we’ve had some issues finding good rental houses (or lighting rental locations at all!). One of the best solutions we’ve found (aside from renting locally from the place you’re shooting at) is to just use your local rental house to ship, or use great services like […]

On-location business portrait lighting

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So one of the things we’ve heard that folks are interested in is more behind-the-scenes and diagrams etc of how we shoot and create the images we do for our clients.  This shot shows one of the rooms that we had to use for some business portraits.  A lot of the time space constraints are some of the biggest challenges we have so you […]

Glenn Matsumura Lighting workshop at Orange Photography Studios

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In conjuction with Fotovision, we’ll be hosting professional photographer Glenn Matsumura’s lighting workshop on June 14th at our photography studio. This class will center on techniques using the small flash and is ideal for those who are working in the field either on assignment or on their own project. Students will try out flash techniques in the neighborhood and the results will be shared and discussed. Topics include: – Using available light – Color correction gels – […]

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