Coronavirus, International Prospects, and Optimism Highlight the SF Travel Marketing Conference

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Marriott International’s Area General Manager John Kimball speaking at the SF Travel Marketing Conference. 
Last week we wrapped up a marketing conference by one of our valued sponsors, SF Travel! The event, held at Mission Bay’s Conference Center on UCSF’s beautiful campus, gathered leaders in the local hospitality industry to discuss the current state of travel and tourism to San Francisco as well as the latest trends. 


Traveling for shoots and lighting rental tips

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photo lighting rental woes?Travel Lighting Rental Tips

At Orange Photography, we do a lot of travel and photo shoots on-location.  As a result, we’ve had some issues finding good rental houses (or lighting rental locations at all!). One of the best solutions we’ve found (aside from renting locally from the place you’re shooting at) is to just use your local rental house to ship, or use great services like […]

Hipstamatic + Mexico City

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I have this camera app, Hipstamatic, on my phone that filters everything through its lens to create Holga effects and make the world look dreamy. It’s nice when I don’t feel like lugging my DSLR plus it does all the post-processing for you. Here are some snapshots from my week in Mexico City –glimpses of markets, nopales, tacos (al pastor, hell yes), incredible portrait backdrops every which way you tun, Museo […]

Show and Tell: Things I Saw in Asia

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Hong Kong and Yunnan, China
In December and January I was able to spend some time in Hong Kong with family and then travel solo for a bit in Yunnan province, which is in the southwest corner of China. It’s a diverse area, sharing borders with Tibet, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos. I got to see a lot of spectacular things, sweeping views and slices of daily […]

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