It’s always a treat when we get to shoot events that feature an influential figure. But even better when it’s for a great cause that serves to help a community!

We were there to cover the Strong Girls Camp hosted by the Lindsey Vonn Foundation in New York City.
Vonn, an Olympic gold medalist in alpine ski racing with 82 World Cup victories, set out to increase confidence in young girls by pairing each of them with a female athlete and mentoring them for the weekend as they enjoyed the activities. But Vonn also wanted to make sure that she wasn’t detached from the camp and actively participated by spending individual time with each of the young girls.
Understanding how the presence of an iconic figure can positively impact and motivate these young girls, she recounts her own experience of meeting the Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street: “She was just larger than life. It’s kind of like meeting a superhero and never thinking that they actually really exist until you meet them in person.”
“She was just larger than life. It’s kind of like meeting a superhero and never thinking that they actually really exist until you meet them in person.” – Lindsey Vonn
That moment drives Vonn to give others the same type of life-changing moment she had with Street.
Here’s some of the things the girls said they learned from the camp:

“I can do anything! My body is my machine and it’s beautiful. My limits are only in my head and I can get through them.”

“No matter the situation, you can always think of the positive things versus the negative. I just have to love myself.”

 “Self love and confidence.”

“That bad days are the best days because you learn from them.”

“That I will do anything and that I can, I have a strong team, body, mind and I can overcome negative destructive thought with 3 easy steps.”

“I learned that my mindset is very important and that I can always accomplish anything if I try.”  

“That everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

And some of the parent’s reactions about their daughters’ expereinces:

“It was a great experience. We are thankful to have been a part of it. It is a wonderful program to go through, for learning, experience, fun and friendships.” 

“Super supportive environment for gaining more tools heading into these often times confusing pre teen/teen years.”

“She gets to spend the weekend with a group of bad ass women.”

“Very unique, inspiring, great team girls atmosphere.”

“It made her feel special. I have daughters and nieces that need this message from someone other than their parents. Meeting older girls who are successful athletes is SO important! Girls don’t have enough access to successful girl mentors! Thank you.”

Orange captured all of the fun activities and interactions such as obstacle courses, team building challenges, and workshops that focused on confidence building and development. And this year we introduced a photo booth that the girls loved because Lindsey was able to take a picture with every single attendee. We’re lucky to have someone like Lindsey influencing the young women in our community!
The Strong Girls Camp is coming to Baltimore on September 28-29, and as a nationwide company, you can count on Orange to be there to capture all of the fun moments as well!