We are excited to start a new series in the same vein as our wedding series “Vendors we Crush on” where we feature the people and places in the event community that we adore, are inspired by, and just plain love to work with!

This last session we had an amazing time photographing SPiN, a unique Ping Pong venue and restaurant.  We would love to introduce you to Lisa, the director of sales in SF, she’s the top player to contact if you want to give your next event a unique spin.


While getting to know more about SPiN and what they offer, Lisa told us that Susan Sarandon, an avid ping pong player, is one of the founders. How cool is that? Lisa says, “It’s all about fun here at SPiN… even while we’re working,” which sounds great to me.  I know I wouldn’t mind hunkering down in one of their comfy booths, and eating yummy food while working getting some editing done!

When we asked Lisa who she thinks the best ping pong player on staff is, she thoughtfully said, “Exec team aside, probably me… just kidding. Probably Mykel, one of our barbacks.”  Don’t believe her though, we know she is vying for first place through with weekly ping pong lessons, gotta beat out the competition!

Orange loves San Francisco green initiatives and giving back programs.  We try to volunteer as much as we can and donate our time to non profits  and as such we love to hear about other companies endeavors to do the same.  SPiN has a very similar mindset and has regularly helped at risk youth by donating ping pong tables and equipment, in addition to charitable donations to special causes!

We had an absolute blast working with this amazing team, especially meeting their Director of Food and Beverage for SPiN Global, Ed Porter, who showed us some of their yummy menu and delicious drinks!  They are constantly working on new and exciting foods to showcase so it’s always a delicious adventure coming back!


When looking at new dishes, Lisa is big fan of fat and flavor, a lot of the food is reminiscent of comfort food.  My personal favorites were the Grass-Fed Beef Sliders and the Sweet Potato Waffle Fries with Spicy Kimchee Dip. However, everything I tasted was delicious and I would have a hard time deciding what to eat if I had to choose, I guess I would just have to come back to try the whole menu!

Here are some of our favorite shots from our shoot!

SPiN puts on a bunch of fun events and you can keep up to date on their “Happenings” here.